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Virtual Events on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Integrating Equity: A Conversation With Lynn Dobbs

    ON DEMAND: Join our 30-minute talk with London Metropolitan University’s vice chancellor and chief executive, to discuss its commitment to race equity, including major investments under a five-year plan. With Support From London Met. Watch on demand.
  • How Creative Partnerships Can Increase Colleges’ Impact

    ON DEMAND: Building a meaningful community in college can be difficult for students, but it can be more daunting for those in unique positions. Join this forum on how to do so for students who are often underrepresented. With Support From Ascendium. Watch on demand.
  • Diverse College Administrations for a New Era

    ON DEMAND: Diverse student bodies need diverse college administrations, including presidents and department chairs. This forum will explore how colleges and universities can establish a more inclusive and diverse atmosphere. With Support From Workday. Watch on demand.
  • Diversifying the International Pipeline

    ON DEMAND: A panel of experts shares how colleges can rethink their international recruiting strategies as they confront their overreliance on prospective students from China. With Support From ETS TOEFL. Watch on demand.
  • Encouraging Student Persistence

    ON DEMAND: The pandemic added complexity to the challenge of supporting student success. In this forum, national experts and college leaders share stories of success and thoughts for the future. With Support From EdSights. Watch on demand.
  • The Legacy of Title IX for College Athletics

    ON DEMAND: Fifty years ago, Title IX changed how we think about women and sports. In this virtual forum a panel of experts discusses how colleges can create equitable opportunities for female athletes. With Support From TIAA. Watch on demand.
  • Strategies to Prevent Student Sexual Violence

    ON DEMAND: Incidents of student sexual violence are expected to rise this fall as campuses more fully reopen. A panel of experts discusses prevention measures colleges can take now in this virtual forum. With Support From rees. Watch on demand.
  • Teaching for Inclusivity: What College Leaders Need to Know

    ON DEMAND: Inclusive teaching gives all students a voice and the opportunity to participate fully in class. How can colleges encourage it, regardless of discipline? Our panel of experts discusses the issue in this virtual forum. With Support From Adobe. Watch on demand.
  • Closing the Equity Gap in Student Success

    ON DEMAND: Amid persisting inequalities laid bare by the pandemic, colleges are placing renewed focus on closing the equity gap in student success. In a virtual forum, “Closing the Equity Gap in Student Success,” a panel of experts will discuss how colleges are doubling down on best practices to help students of color, as well as those from low-income and first-generation households, thrive and reach their goals. With Support From Florida Atlantic University. Watch on demand.
  • Students and Freedom of Expression on Campus

    ON DEMAND: Students’ opinions about free expression are changing. As more students favor speech codes and restrictions that limit offensive speech, campuses are coming under fire for being unwelcoming to freedom of speech. A panel of experts examines the issue and shares ideas for how colleges can create a diverse and inclusive environment that also promotes free expression. With Support From the Knight Foundation. Watch on demand.


  • The New Faculty Retirement Landscape

    UPCOMING: March 2, 2023 | 2 p.m. ET. More and more faculty members are pushing retirement plans down the road. Register now to learn about new career trends in higher ed, and how colleges can prepare. With Support From TIAA. Register here.
  • From ‘Digital Native’ to Digital Competency

    UPCOMING: February 23, 2023 | 2 p.m. ET. The pervasive “digital native” myth is keeping colleges from making critical investments in digital skills. Join us for a virtual forum to chart a new path forward. With Support From Adobe. Register here.