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Virtual Events on Leadership

  • The New Faculty Retirement Landscape

    UPCOMING: March 2, 2023 | 2 p.m. ET. More and more faculty members are pushing retirement plans down the road. Register now to learn about new career trends in higher ed, and how colleges can prepare. With Support From TIAA. Register here.
  • How to Design Learning for Student Success

    ON DEMAND: College leaders share thoughts on the growing trend of involving students in the design of curricula and pedagogy in this virtual forum. With Support From Pearson. Watch on demand.
  • Integrating Equity: A Conversation With Lynn Dobbs

    ON DEMAND: Join our 30-minute talk with London Metropolitan University’s vice chancellor and chief executive, to discuss its commitment to race equity, including major investments under a five-year plan. With Support From London Met. Watch on demand.
  • Making Change in Higher Ed

    WATCH ON DEMAND: A Chronicle journalist will lead a panel of experts in a virtual discussion of change management at colleges and universities after the pandemic. Panelists will use real-world examples to show how institutions can benefit from change to meet goals. With Support From Watermark. Watch on demand.
  • How to ‘Flip’ the Classroom

    ON DEMAND: “Flipping” the classroom, a pedagogical approach that can energize learning, asks instructors to use class time for conversations and workshops, not lectures, while delivering lessons and other resources online. You’ll leave this forum with tips to transform your classroom. With Support From CambridgeUP. Watch on demand.
  • What It Takes to Lead a College

    ON DEMAND: Panelists will share practical tips and strategic insights from their time at the helm of small and medium colleges. Presidents, provosts, deans, VPs, and other higher-ed professionals interested in leadership, strategy, and innovation are invited. With Support From Jenzabar. Watch on demand.
  • The Role of Frontline Workers, Online and On Campus

    ON DEMAND: Hosted by Katherine Mangan and Sabrina K. Sanders, “The Role of Frontline Workers Online and On Campus” looks at the ways those with student-facing roles can create a more welcoming environment for students learning both on campus and online. With Support From Ascendium. Watch on demand.
  • Digital Transformation: Managing the People

    ON DEMAND: Colleges are pushing for digital transformation, but often, managing teams can dwarf the challenges posed by technology. In a 75-minute virtual forum, college leaders and CIOs share their insights for managing a team and promoting a culture of collaboration and communication during a digital transformation. With Support From AWS. Watch on demand.
  • How to Keep Student Success a Priority Through a Leadership Transition

    ON DEMAND: As one president steps down and another steps in, how can colleges ensure continued momentum on student-success efforts? A panel of experts convenes to share their thoughts in “How to Keep Student Success a Priority Through a Leadership Transition.” With Support From Ascendium. Watch on demand.
  • Modern Strategic Planning for Higher Education

    ON DEMAND: Higher ed’s swift transformation over the past two years has come as a surprise, but many college leaders are hoping to continue the momentum and adjust their strategic plans accordingly. In this virtual forum, Paul Friga and the Chronicle senior writer Scott Carlson share stories of how six innovative institutions are adjusting their plans and how others can follow their lead. With Support From Watermark. Watch on demand.