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Correspondence from Chronicle readers.

The Chronicle welcomes correspondence from readers about our articles and about topics we have covered. Please make your points as concisely as possible. We will not publish letters longer than 350 words, and all letters will be edited to conform to our style.

Send letters to Please include a daytime phone number and tell us what institution you are affiliated with or what city or town you are writing from.

Posts from Letters

Changes Don’t Make College Rankings More Valid

Adjustments only serve to fool the public into thinking that the measures are legitimate.

Ad Hominem Attacks Against Authors Offer Nothing of Value to Debate

Letter criticized Bruce Robbins’s review of John Guillory’s latest book.

How Schools Can Ensure the Full Inclusion of Black Voices in the Curriculum

The College Board’s capitulation to right-wing conservatives shouldn’t be the end of the story.

Do We Need Two Old White Men Arguing About Women and Minorities in the Academy?

Maybe the insipid silliness of such displays is what keeps smart young people from entering the field of literary studies.

Not Embracing ChatGPT Is an Opportunity Missed for Educators

Many, if not most, students are not writing their own papers anyway.

At UCLA, Alleged Faculty-Conduct Violations Adjudicated Under System of Shared Governance

There is an imbalance in the public discourse over the recent suspension of a professor.

Essay Against Learning-Outcomes Assessment Was Myopic, Out of Touch

We need effective accountability for all, particularly for those held in the highest regard.

Colleges Need to Go Beyond Land Acknowledgments

All students should be educated about the rich Indigenous cultural landscape of the country.

Open Letter to Hamline U. President

Respect for Muslim students should not have superseded academic freedom.

Faculty Burnout Isn’t Being Overstated

We can’t completely replace attention to a serious problem in academic culture.
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