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Brian O’Leary

Interactive News Editor
The Chronicle of Higher Education

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  • Data

    Big Drops in Enrollment Hit Colleges in the First Fall of the Pandemic. Who Was Able to Bounce Back?

    Search our database to see whose enrollments recovered, whose started clawing their way back, and whose kept falling.
  • Data

    The State With Too Many Campuses

    Pennsylvania’s higher-ed landscape faces steep challenges. Its large number of colleges relative to its traditional-age student population is a big reason.
  • Data

    Student Outcomes

    This table shows the percentage of bachelor’s and two-year-degree seeking students graduating, transferring, still enrolled, or no longer enrolled at more than 2,000 colleges, as of the 2020-21 academic year.
  • Data

    State Support for Public Colleges, 2002-20

    Explore how state and federal support has declined as a share of overall revenue — putting a greater burden on students — at more than 1,500 public colleges and universities between 2002 and 2020.
  • Pay Update

    How Much Has Faculty Pay Changed Over Time?

    See the latest federal data on compensation for all ranks of the profession at thousands of American colleges.
  • The Ladder

    Who Moved Up — and Down — in the New Carnegie Classifications?

    The taxonomy, initially intended to distinguish institutions for educational-research purposes, is now seen as a ladder to climb.
  • Data

    Where Graduate Enrollments Are Booming

    Throughout the many reports of declining enrollment during the pandemic, graduate education has been an unexpected bright spot.
  • Data

    How Did These Pandemic Predictions Turn Out?

    Some prognostications about the future of higher ed were correct. Others were off-base.
  • Data

    3 Things New Federal Data Reveal About How Colleges Fared During the Pandemic

    The data underscore what has trickled out about institutions over the last 18 months: indicators of plummeting enrollment with warning signs for equity, fears of colleges’ faltering finances, and signs of their shrinking academic work forces.
  • Data

    These States Are Trying to Limit Talk About Race

    Legislation and state policies are seeking to restrict diversity training and discussions of racism, sexism, and other issues in the classroom.